E3 2010: Day Two roundup

E3 kicked off with a bang on Tuesday 15th June as Nintendo and Sony held press conferences revealing new game line-ups, hardware and publisher partnerships.

MCV covered all the announcements to bring you the latest news from the Los Angeles show floor.

But if you don’t have time to sift through our collection of stories, here’s the complete roundup. And if you missed Monday, here’s our day one roundup.


3DS unveiled

Glasses-free 3D entertainment boasts impressive graphics and multiple control systems

Move dated, priced

Europe to get motion controller on September 15th; US arrival on Sep 19th; Priced at $49.99

OnLive roundup

Find all the launch information and more for the ambitious game-streaming service

Nintendo roundup

3DS finally unveiled; Kid Icarus to front new machine; New Zelda title named; New outing for Mario

Sony roundup

Date and price announced for PlayStation Move; Steamworks and Portal hitting PS3; PSN subscriptions unveiled


Twisted Metal PS3 unveiled

PlayStation franchise finally reborn for current gen

GT5 due November 2nd

Sony finally dates long-awaited Polyphony Digital racer

Infamous 2 is coming

Open world action sequel set for 2011

Final Fantasy XIV showcased

New trailer of upcoming MMO debuts at Sony’s E3 conference

AC: Brotherhood exclusives for PS3

In-game content and multiplayer beta exclusive for PlayStation 3 owners

Heroes on the Move announced

PlayStation platform stars unite for new Move title

Sorcery announced

Move-exclusive fantasy adventure shown with one-to-one control

Killzone 3 dated

Guerrilla Games boss Hermen Hulst gives live demo of anticipated FPS in full 3D, which hits retail in February

Big franchises heading to 3DS

Resi, MGS, SFIV, Star Fox, Mario Kart, PES and Splinter Cell confirmed in list of 72 3DS titles

Kid Icarus: Uprising unveiled

First 3DS game announced, developed by new studio Project Sora

3DS Nintendogs & Cats unveiled

Miyamoto has upgraded best-selling DS game – with felines

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Rumours a Retro Studios developed platform outing for famous character are true

Metroid: Other M dated

Samus’ newest adventure hits US shelves on August 31st

Kirby’s Epic Yarn revealed

New Kirby platformer heading to Wii this autumn

Goldeneye finally goes official

Leaked trailer shown to E3 crowd at platform holder’s conference

Wii Party dated

Mii-centric mini-game compilation due this Christmas

Mario Sports debuts

Gaming mascot takes on the sports mini-game genre with a brand new Wii outing

Just Dance 2 due Xmas

Sequel to Ubisoft’s multi-million selling dance title on the way

NBA Jam on show at conference

Playable code available, as Fils-Aime promotes the Wii as a destination for sports games.

Zelda Skyward Sword announced

MotionPlus-compatible, cel-shaded adventure finally revealed

Epic Mickey due this Christmas

Wii exclusive showcased and dated at Nintendo’s E3 conference

New 2D Rayman in the works

Development legend Michael Ancel returning to the series he created with micro-team


Valve connects Steam to PS3

Portal 2 confirmed for Sony console, complemented by Valve’s digital distribution smarts

PlayStation Plus announced

Sony details premium online subscriber service, due to launch this month

PS3 exclusives for MoH, Dead Space 2

Special deal between EA and format-holder for exclusive content on PS3 release

70 new PSP games by Xmas

Tetris, Patapon 3, God of War, Kingdom Hearts and more due before December

New PSP campaign kicks off

Marcus PSP demands that kids ‘step their game up’ as Sony seek to boost PSP

Current PS3 titles to get Move update

Heavy Rain, Resident Evil 5 and more will be Move compatible

Big PS Move promo with Coca-Cola

Fizzy drinks brand to promote new PS3 controller across the US during Q3/Q4

40 firms readying Move games

Sizeable number drawn from development and publishing sectors

Gran Turismo 5 confirmed for 3D

Polyphony Digital’s ‘real driving’ sequel to support Sony’s ‘end-to-end’ 3D ecosystem

Heavy third-party PS3 3D support

Ubisoft, Disney, EA, Warner and Take-Two ready for PS3 stereoscopic games

We’re fronting 3D movement

CEO announces 20 titles will be available by March 2011

Sly Collection announced in 3D

Sly Cooper returns on PlayStation 3

Big franchises heading to 3DS

Resi, MGS, SFIV, Star Fox, Mario Kart, PES and Splinter Cell confirmed in list of 72 3DS titles

Nintendo ‘always wanted’ a 3D console

Platform holder admits it has tried to create several 3D consoles since Virtual Boy

No launch date for 3DS

No word on when ambitious handheld will debut, despite promises of current fiscal year launch

Has Vitality Sensor flatlined?

Last year’s odd peripheral missing from format-holder’s 2010 E3 press conference

Huge publisher support for 3DS

Over 20 third-parties making games for new Nintendo handheld

3D movie support for 3DS

Dreamworks and Disney back new handheld

‘Wii slump’ claims are false

NoA boss Reggie Fils-Aime defends Wii platform with hard facts about demand and sales figures

Activision ‘stronger than US Treasury’

Publisher’s CFO jokes about balance sheets at E3 investor conference

GAME offers Xbox Slim trade-in deals

Consumers hoping to get their hands on the new machine to be tempted by special trade-in offers on current hardware

300 new faces working on CoD

Huge boost to headcount confirmed in Activision’s E3 investor conference call

Black Ops pre-orders match MW2

Activision CFO reveals interest is on par with last year’s Call of Duty

Cave wants to conquer the West

Cult shmup creator on the West/East game design divide, and looking to new genres

Sly getting HD PS3 reboot

RUMOUR WATCH: Sly Cooper joining new Patapon, Twisted Metal, EyePet PSP and Invizimals PS3 according to reports

Activision party video

Remember when publishers were complaining about the high costs of exhibiting?

GAME taking Xbox 360 Slim orders

Retailers sticks to 199.99 price point, but there’s still no sign of discounts to existing stock

OnLive gets Deus Ex 3, Driver and more

Key upcoming triple-A games already set for cloud gaming

Japanese firms back OnLive

Square-Enix, Sega, Capcom and Konami ready titles for streaming service

Dell signs OnLive deal

Custom-engineered Dell servers to handle the cloud gaming service at launch

OnLive ready for launch this week

After a busy beta, cloud gaming service goes live with key publisher support

MW2 sells 20 million copies

Fastest-selling Call of Duty title reaches new sales milestone

GAME reports high Kinect interest

Retailer says ‘thousands’ registered online before last night’s E3 presentation

Kotick eyes $3bn pre-owned market

Activision hints at possible DLC strategy in an effort to monetise second hand sales

Xbox 360 Slim costs 199

But no sign yet of a drop in price for current Xbox stock in the UK

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