E3 2011: Day Two Roundup

Struggling to keep up with E3? The tidal wave of news from the past 24 hours has no doubt overwhelmed many a reader. Fortunately MCV is on hand to provide you with everything you might have missed.

And if you missed it, here’s our E3 2011 Day One Roundup.

Opinion: Nintendo’s E3 press conference
Industry elite praises Wii U
In pictures: Nintendo’s new system, Wii U
Five Ubisoft games set for Wii U
EA backs Wii U
Wii U gets LEGO City exclusive
Core support for Wii U
Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U
The Wii U is revealed
Mario Kart 3DS detailed
Kid Icarus gets AR battles
Starfox 3DS out this September
Luigi’s Mansion 2 heads to 3DS
Zelda downloads start tomorrow
Nintendo shares fall to five year-low
Wii U console and controller sold together
Wii U tech specs
I’ve made my last Wii game, says Miyamoto
PS3 and Vita ‘could replicate Wii U’

Medieval Moves shows off improved Move functionality
Move gets Carnival Island

Rabbids invade Kinect
Your Shape updated for 2012
Jacko heading to handhelds

Free-running now in NFS
Trion Worlds unveils Defiance
Gunstringer heading to retail
Ridge Racer driifting to PSVita
Trials HD sequel in development
Ico Collection gets UK date
Date for Dead Island
Xbox Summer of Arcade detailed
Blackwater is Kinect-enabled FPS
SCE wants Vita profit in three years
Pikmin 3 headed to Wii U
Kotick sceptical of Battlefield 3 for consoles
Wii Vitality Sensor still alive
BioShock PS Vita is ‘all-new game’

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