New IP will debut as part of Xbox Game Preview

E3 2015: DayZ creator Dean Hall teams up with Improbable for Ion

The next title by Dean Hall, the man behind hugely popular mod-turned-zombie-hit DayZ, will debut on Xbox One.

Ion will be a sci-fi exploration game built on the amibitious technology of London start-up Improbable, which specialises in creating unscripted virtual worlds. 

Hall has been working with the team for the past year on this new title, which will first be released through Xbox Game Preview – Microsoft’s answer to Early Access – and PC.

“I want a game that is not a game,” said Hall. “I want a game that is a universe. A universe not built on scripts or quests, but on the laws of physics, chemistry and biology.”

Little is known about the premise of the game, but Hall says it will give players “the chance to be a pioneer in a harsh universe”.

“We are the architects,” he said, referring to himself and the Improbable team, “but you, the players, through Xbox Game Preview, will govern its destiny.”

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