E3 2015: Street Fighter Ryu joins Super Smash Bros as part of major update

UPDATE: UK and Europe Prices are here. They are as follows:

Roy (Fire Emblem)

3DS: 3.59/EUR 3.99
Wii U: 3.59/EUR 3.99
3DS and Wii U Combined: 4.49/EUR 4.99

Lucas (Mother 3)

3DS: 3.59/EUR 3.99
Wii U: 3.59/EUR 3.99
3DS+Wii U Combined: 4.49/EUR 4.99

Mii Fighter skins (Virtua Fighter 1/Virtua Fighter 2/ Isabelle/ Zero/ Mega Man.EXE/ Inklings)

3DS: 0.69/EUR0.79 each
Wii U: 0.69/EUR0.79 each
3DS+Wii U Combined: 1.09/EUR1.19 each

Dreamland 64 stage

3DS: 1,79/EUR1.99
Wii U: 1,79/EUR1.99
3DS+Wii U Combined: 2.69/EUR2.99

Miiverse stage (Wii U only)
Not a thing

Original story:

Nintendo has unveiled a major DLC update for Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, which includes Street Fighter character Ryu.

Shown during an online video, the game’s director Masahiro Sakurai unveiled new characters Roy (from Fire Emblem), Ryu and the already announced Lucas from Mother 3.

The paid-for DLC will also include three new stages and new costumes that includes outfits from the Virtua Fighter and Tekken franchises.

Today’s update proves that the evergreen Super Smash Bros. games continue to evolve and grow with unexpected new content,” said Nintendo US VP of marketing and sales Scott Moffitt.

We’re offering multiple price options and bundles for all this outstanding new content, so players can mix and match whatever characters, stages and costumes they want.”

Also coming soon to Smash Bros are YouTube replays, new Tourney modes and bonus trophies.

Prices are currently in US dollars. Characters cost $3.99 each or $4.99 to get them in both versions of the game (except Ryu, who costs $5.99 for one version or $6.99 for both), while stages will cost $1.99 for one game or $2.99 for both. Costumes cost $0.75 each or can be bought in bundles.

Alternatively, gamers can spend $21.96 for the whole set (for one game, to get it in both versions will cost $29.16).

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