Boom Blox studio focusing away from Wii titles

EA hiring for next-gen platforms

Electronic Arts is aiming to expand its Los Angeles-based development studio for the production of “next-gen” platforms.

The publishing giant’s EALA studio – responsible for the acclaimed Wii title Boom Blox and its sequel – claims that its next string of titles “will be for the next generation”.

Such is the ambiguity surrounding the term ‘next-generation’, it is unclear if EALA is working on unreleased hardware or not.

The internal studio states that its previous two projects were for the Wii, while one of its open vacancies is for a senior PS3 engineer.

Those two consoles, though released within weeks of one-another, are often said to have generational differences in hardware.

The job vacancies – unearthed by the anonymous rumour-sleuth ‘Superannuation’ – states that its small Boom Blox team “takes on big challenges”, and has “enormous resources and talent at our disposal.”

EA has indicated in the past that the Boom Blox series may expand to other consoles, while both the PS3 and Xbox 360 are set to receive the kind of motion-control upgrades that would fit well with Boom Blox’s block-throwing dynamics.

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