Eidos counts the millions

Ahead of the publishing of its FY07 financial results in September, Eidos has heralded the success of a number of its titles and stated its belief in the PS3.

Joining Tomb Raider Anniversary in the million-seller club is free-roaming jungle romp Just Cause. Next-gen sea-battler Battlestations: Midway was also highlighted as a strong success story, along with DS title Pony Friends – which was also confirmed to be coming to Wii.

Other future hits are expected to include Kane & Lynch, Crossfire and the PSP, 360 and Wii versions of Tomb Raider Anniversary.

Elsewhere in its report, the publisher stated its belief in Sony’s PS3, claiming: The Board continues to believe in the long-term success of PlayStation 3 particularly after recently announced reductions in the retail price of the hardware in North America, but believes that it may take longer than originally expected to achieve a commercially successful installed base.

The Group will prudently assess the carrying value of PS3 titles in development and the expected performance of those products relative to Sony’s success in driving the installed base.”

In addition, Eidos commented on the importance of digital distribution – not surprising considering its announcement that the Xbox 360 version of Tomb Raider Anniversary will be a download title:

The Board recognises the increasing importance of online and digital content and the new business opportunities which arise in these areas.

"During the year the Group has made three acquisitions to expand our online division and believes that new revenue streams will be derived from areas such as mobile phones, digital distribution of additional content, advertising revenue and casual games.”

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