ELSPA crackdown on R4 piracy

The R4 device gives gamers free reign to pick and choose which DS titles to download for free over the web – and is widely available through online retailers like Amazon.

Amid growing concerns at retail that it is increasingly affecting sales, ELSPA has responded by preparing to crackdown on the problem in conjunction with Nintendo.

The ELSPA IP crime unit is evaluating the R4 game copying device, as it allows for the downloading and play of illegal Nintendo DS software avaialable by the internet,” an ELSPA spokesperson told MCV.

We are aware that Nintendo has taken actions against these devices in other countries and we are working closely with them to consider the next step in the UK.”

Broadly speaking, it is well known that ELSPA’s IP crime unit fights vigorously against products and devices that violate our members’ IP rights, items that include devices that circumvent the security of our members’ products and promote the play of illegally copied software. We take great stock in ensuring that this continues to be the case.”

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