Endgame Studios says 3D ‘not necessary’ for 3DS success

MCV recently spoke to Grant Davies, managing director of Endgame Studios in Melbourne, about the overstated usefulness of stereoscopic 3D on the 3DS.

Davies explains: "We’ve been involved in the development of 9 DS games in total, mostly working with brands such as Spider-Man, Shrek, and Spyro, but more recently on our first original IP: Fractured Soul."

"This probably explains why we were so quick to become involved with the 3DS. Our first project is a rich reimagining of Fractured Soul, entirely in 3D.But while there’s an intense focus on this idea of 3D without glasses on the 3DS, people are curious as to why we’re not using it in our game."

Fractured Soul will instead produce a 3D experience on both screens of the 3DS.

Davies continues: "The stereoscopic 3D is overshadowing what is a really great piece of hardware. I think that when the dust settles on the magic of the S3D, people will start to see the console behind it, and how impressive it is."

"Our choice to use 3D on both screens rather than the S3D was entirely focused on what would be truest experience for our game, rather than blindly following the marketing hype."

Fractured Soul is releasing in Q4 2011.

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