Entertainment overtakes gaming in Xbox 360 usage

US Xbox 360 owners are now spending more time using Xbox 360’s multimedia functions than they are gaming.

It’s the realisation of a long-term goal for Microsoft, which has spent huge amounts of time and money to try and position its device not just as a games console but also as a must-have box below every family’s TV set.

The Verge reports that US Xbox 360 owners (and Live Gold subscribers) now spend an average of 84 hours per month on Xbox Live, with entertainment app usage doubling year-on-year.

This, for the first time, means that users spend more time on things such as movies, TV, music and social network services than they do playing online games.

The breadth of content services available in the UK still lags behind the US, though recent additions such as Netflix and iPlayer has elevated the machine’s stature as a fully-featured content portal.

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