Epic would ‘love’ Gears of War on PS3

The president of acclaimed developer Epic has revealed his desire to bring the Gears of War franchise to Sony’s PS3.

"Do we wish we could take all those Killzone and Resistance fans on PS3, and get them to say ‘Gears is awesome’?," Mike Capps told IndustryGamers. "Yeah, sure I’d love to ship the Gears trilogy on PlayStation. That would be fun. I want to be there; I want to be everywhere."

But despite the fact that Epic owns the Gears IP, it’s also aware of the effort and resource Xbox 360 platform holder Microsoft has pumped into the series.

"I don’t regret what we’re doing with Microsoft," they added. "They make it worthwhile all the time.

"We were both taking a risk, and it paid off in a huge way for Gears. The amount of support they put behind Gears… it was really to launch their platform, to show what Xbox 360 could do – the whole HD experience with Samsung. I think we really delivered that. So we continue to get love from Microsoft in a way that I don’t think we could get from a publisher focused on cross-platform.

"Time and time again, when it came down to figure out what we do next with Gears, we sat down with Microsoft and they’ve given us really good, compelling reasons to work with them again.

"They don’t just market it; they do amazing work and they have a user testing team that makes our games better, and so each time we’ve come to the point of ‘what do we do next?’ we’ve been happy to work with them. They help us make a better product and do some really cool marketing on the platform, so we save some money there."

In addition, speaking to Eurogamer Epic VP Mark Rein has admitted his aspiration to release a new Gears title on an annual basis.

"I think if we felt we could and do justice to it, who wouldn’t want to have a yearly [Gears of War]?" he stated.

"I really envy what [Activision] has with Call of Duty. Every year they put out something really great and they sell crazy stupid amounts. Anybody who says they wouldn’t want to emulate that shouldn’t be in business.

"We’re not that big a studio, so if we were going to do that it would be because we thought we could deliver something that was of real additive value. They have two teams so they can go back and forth. I would never rule it out. I would love to do it. If we could come up with an experience that a year later was worthy of the Gears name, why wouldn’t we want to do that?"

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