Exclusive Metal Gear Collection SKU vanishes from Zavvi

The Metal Gear Solid Ultimate Collection, which was revealed as a Zavvi worldwide exclusive in August, has mysteriously vanished from the retailer’s website.

When the SKU was announced Zavvi said that in addition to MGS2, MGS3 and Peace Walker, the Ultimate Collection would also offer a digital version of the first MGS game and PS3 title MGS 4.

However, in September Konami announced that the standard SKU would also include emulated versions of the first ever Metal Gear titles that were released on the MSX, as well as the VR Missions included in MGS2: Subsistence.

All of which left Zavvi’s offer looking a bit steep at 69.99, despite its 4,00o limited run.

Now Eurogamer has spotted that the Ultimate Collection has disappeared entirely from the Zavvi site. Neither Zavvi or Konami were prepared to offer a comment to the site.

It is unknown what compensation will be offered to those who pre-ordered the game.

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