Expect more Resident Evil on 3DS

You can expect much more in the way of Resident Evil games on the 3DS, if the latest comments from Capcom producer Masachika Kawata are anything to go by.

The first RE title for the system, Resident Evil: Revelations, was released on 3DS in January and has clearly met the publisher’s expectations.

"The incredibly positive fan reaction to Revelations has definitely given me motivation to make another 3DS RE title," he told IGN. "I have some ideas in mind. However, I have a lot of other projects that need to be taken care of first.

"I must admit hearing players say how much they enjoyed Revelations does kind of make me want to forget the other projects and get stuck right into making another RE game for fans to enjoy.

"Game development is always a very taxing process, no matter what the project, and the only thing that gets us through is the belief that, at the end of the journey, there are people waiting to enjoy the game. So if a game sells particularly well, then we have good reason to make more titles like it."

The news also offers a boost to Nintendo, whose 3DS is clearly finding a foothold in the hardcore market.

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