F1 2012 creative director slams "disgraceful" abuse from fans

One of the lead developers of Codemasters’ F1 2012 has taken to the game’s forums to chastise some members of its community.

We all know what the internet is like. And like it or lump it, the internet gaming community can be one of the worst. So MCV applauds any action taken to try and combat such behaviour.

Creative director Steve Hood was forced to make the move after some fans reacted angrily to news of changes to the tyre wear system in the game.

I’ve got a few heated messages aboutWear-Gateand that’s putting it as softly as I possibly can,” he wrote.For some reason a vocal minority seem to jump onbad news, without waiting five minutes for an explanation. I care, we care, we’re doing our best and we’re here to interact with you whenever we can. Ilike to think we do more than most, but that doesn’t seem to be enough for some people.

Let me start out by saying I have read almost every tweet sent my way, the majority of the forum posts and I’m well aware of the reaction and why peoplemight want to jump up and down with internet-rage. You care, you want your point to be registered and I understand that. Truly, I do.

What I can’tunderstand or more importantly won’t accept, are some of the outright disgraceful messages sent to myself and those that work with or for me. There is noneed for that kind of stuff.

I can only call on those with a little more maturity and manners to help make this forum a better place. I’ve spent more of my time elsewhere of late andit’s the last thing I want to be doing. The community team has a tough enough job as it is managing the numerous forums. Let’s not make their job anyharder and let’s not turn this forum into a place new players searching for information will never want to return to.

Historically I’ve gone out of my way to interact via my personal Twitter account and the forum simply because I think it creates a better relationshipbetween those that make key decisions and those that buy the game. I’d like to keep doing this, but it’s a process of give and take. Try and contributesensibly and politely, it helps us all. The repeat offenders and sarcastic few just get blocked so your voice is quickly lost. If you really do care, howis that going to help?”

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