While Sony responds to rumours that Twitter may come next

Facebook PS3 integration imminent

Facebook will soon be integrated into the PS3 XMB, a source has confirmed to Develop.

But the source – based in game development sector and speaking on the condition of anonymity – did not know precisely when the service will arrive.

A Sony spokesperson declined to comment on the matter.

The addition of the social networking app is another telling move from Sony that shows it is committed to expanding its PlayStation Network service. The service already hosts a BBC iPlayer app and Sony has begun inviting users to try its upcoming video download service.

The new additions give a clearer picture of Sony’s plan with its online service. Manifestly, Sony wants to match Microsoft’s Xbox Live service while keeping it free to all.

Speculation is growing that a Twitter app will follow on from the Facebook addition.

When asked whether Twitter will be integrated after Facebook, a Sony spokesperson declined to comment, though added that the company “is constantly looking at how best to develop the PlayStation browser.”

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