Canadian developer says success allowed him to consider his next move

Fez sells over 200,000 copies in its first year

Puzzle platforming hit Fez has now sold over 200,000 copies on XBLA alone in its first year on sale.

Independent developer Phil Fish shared the news on his Polytron blog, exactly one year after the game’s release on Xbox Live Arcade.

Fez is known for having a prolonged gestation period. The goal is to collect 32 cubes to restore the main character’s world while navigating a crypt puzzle environment that can be rotated to reveal previously hidden doorways and passages.

“A year ago I was in Tennessee with my girlfriend. Today, I am in Tennessee with my girlfriend. (things have been weirdly symmetrical like that lately) But life couldn’t be more different now. It’s been a truly transformative year,” he wrote.

“The game really found its audience (or the audience found it?). Everyday we get far more love mail than hate mail. Every other day people send us fan art, or a picture of a gomez cake, or a quilt they made, a Drawing, a plushie. seeing people’s notebooks filled with deconstructions of the puzzles and mysteries I had so much fun putting together has been a particularly rewarding experience.”

Fish and Ploytron are now preparing for the launch of the PC version on May 1st.

Fish added that the success of the game has allowed him to “take my time to consider my next move and spend years driving myself crazy trying to make something beautiful so you can run around in it”.

Image: Polytron Corporation

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