E3â??09: Microsoftâ??s Greenberg says FFXIV is not an exclusive, while Sonyâ??s Dille states Metal Gear will launch on PS3

FFXIV exclusivity shakes as Metal Gear Rising goes multi

Serious doubts have been cast over both Microsoft and Sony’s recent exclusivity coups with both Metal Gear and Final Fantasy.

MCV reports that Konami’s next Metal Gear title, Rising, will launch on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC from day one. Meanwhile, questions surrounding FFXIV’s exclusivity hang over Sony and Square.

Sony’s Peter Dille confirmed to Kotaku that Metal Gear Rising would launch on PS3 the same day as the 360 edition. At the same time, he made a now-unfortunate pop at Microsoft, stating: “I think the difference between our approach in our press conference and our competitors’ is that our focus is on exclusive content.”

Dille’s statement could not be made at a worse time. Reports have emerged that Square’s surprise fourteenth edition of the main Final Fantasy series may not be a PS3 exclusive.

Speaking to VG247, Xbox product boss Aaron Greenberg said of FFXIV: “My understanding is that it is not exclusive. That would be a good question to ask Square.

“I know that we have a great relationship with Square Enix. They provided a number of big titles, including some exclusives like Star Ocean, along with having FFXIII demoed on Xbox 360.”

In addition, Square Enix VP Shinji Hashimoto said at a separate E3 briefing that the publisher is “considering all options” regarding its upcoming title.

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