FIFA 10 demo breaks EA records

EA has revealed via the FIFA Blog that its Xbox 360, PS3 and PC demo for the upcoming FIFA 10 has been downloaded more than previous demo the publisher has released.

The demo went live a few weeks ago – and what a reception,” producer David Rutter stated.

In the first two weeks we had more downloads than any other EA demo in the same period of time. Ever. We witnessed an unprecedented level of excitement.”

Rutter goes on to outline some of the tweaks that will be present in the final version that those who’ve tried the demo will not have had chance to experience:

By the time the demo hit 360 and PS3 we’d almost finished the entire game and were anxiously awaiting feedback. By the point that you guys were playing the game we’d already removed a bunch of issues in the game.

We made sure dribbling was smoother than ever; the ball was trapped even more effectively; headers were stronger from defending players; and that crosses weren’t as exploitable when played in early. We’d also spent time tweaking first-time passes and shots to make them ‘feel’ better, and had fixed a couple of crashes, too.

So it was nice to see some of these ‘complaints’ raised on the forums and know we’d already fixed them.”

Rutter also confirmed that a downloadable patch should be ready by the time the game hits shelves this Friday.

These last-minute fixes will be delivered to you in an update available at launch – or very, very close to launch,” he explained.

We’re going through the first-party testing at the moment as I write this, and believe that we’ll get through that rigorous testing in time to make it available for 2nd October."

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