FIFA 13’s PS3/Vita dream will have to wait

It was the first conversation we had as soon as FIFA for Vita was announced.

You’ve had a late night taking your Manager Mode team to the brink of league glory. Your rush down your breakfast, sync your Vita with your PS3, hop off to work and claim a glorious victory while on the loo.

Then you return home that night and carry on where you left off in the comfort of your living room playing on the big TV.

But it’s a dream that isn’t going to be realised this year.

FIFA head honcho David Rutter has confirmed that owners of the Vita and PS3 versions of FIFA 13 will not be able to share the same save files. Although that might change in the future.

"Not at the moment," Rutter told Eurogamer when asked about the functionality. "But all of the things that we’re trying to figure out across football at the moment is how to get every device connected up."

Another missing feature will be Sony’s much touted cross-platform play.

"We don’t have cross-platform play," he confirmed. "It’s something that, when you look at the priorities of what’s going to be done, do you want to be working on passing, shooting, attacking intelligence etc or that – and we’d rather make a brilliant playing game for everyone rather than something that’s only going to appeal to specific people."

Rutter also confessed that FIFA 13’s Move functionality, which was revealed during Sony’s press conference last night, was added at Sony’s request.

Added Rutter: "We’ve got a great relationship with Sony and they asked us can we think of a way to use it so we said sure."

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