FIFA, Call of Duty and Metal Gear conquer Gamescom 2016

It will come as little surprise to discover that FIFA 17, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Metal Gear Survive were the most talked about games at Gamescom.

Across all social and PR channels (media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), FIFA 17 was the highest ranked game present.

Yet in terms of individual trailers, the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Zombies in Spaceland trailer generated 9.3m views across all channels between August 16th to 21st. It’s by far the biggest individual trailer, eclipsing the second placed title, Metal Gear Survive, which garnered 3.4m views. FIFA 17 was the third most viewed trailer. The ‘Football, Powered by Frostbite’ trailer gained 2.95m views.

Around 1,111 games presented at Gamescom were featured on websites, with EA achieving the most media coverage overall. The publisher’s Titanfall 2 was the game that received the second highest coverage by the press, with Battlefield 1 at No.7.

IGN was the website that featured the most amount of Gamescom activity, although there were 728 websites in total that covered Gamescom titles.

All data courtesy of Fancensus

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