Fluffy Logic: Gaming went mainstream when it became useful

SingStar, Wii Sports, Brain Training – it’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment gaming went mainstream, but Fluffy Logic CEO Ana Kronschnabl claims that the real change happened when gaming started to convince people that it had a purpose.

I have known very few women who like playing computer games – until now,” Kronschnabl said. What was it that persuaded my mother to buy a Wii? The answer is amazingly simple; it became useful.

It became her way of exercising, in the same way that the DS became her way of exercising her brain. In many ways, the games she plays are no different from many of the games previously available, however, they have persuaded her that they are. How different really is the strategy needed to win in Dawn of War to the exercises recommended in Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training games?”

To read Ana’s full piece, click her to visit CasualGaming.biz.

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