Football Manager 2013 is coming – complete with accessible Classic mode

A brand new accessible Classic Mode is the headline feature of the freshly announced Football manager 2013.

Described by publisher Sega as a seismic shift” in the series, FM2013’s Classic Mode offers an alternative, less time-consuming” game type that is hoped will appeal to those who have until now found the game’s depth too intimidating.

It’s said to allow a full season to be played out in eight to ten hours and is modelled on the more simplistic take on the series offered by its iOS versions.

The introduction of FMC is a major step forward in Football Manager’s evolution,” Sports Interactive’s studio director Miles Jacobson explained. In recent years it’s become clear that there’s a large group of people who would like to play Football Manager, but simply can’t devote the time required to get the most out of the game – in fact, now that they have families and other commitments, even some members of the SI team have found themselves in this position.

We decided, therefore, to try to find a way to accommodate players with limited free time, without significantly diluting the experience. We believe that FMC achieves this beautifully.”

A ‘proper’ full-blooded game mode will also be included, so diehards can stop worrying now.

Also new is challenge mode, which tasks players with overcoming tricky management situations based on the sorts of scenarios that football managers face each week. The online portion of the game has undergone a redesign.

Perhaps more controversial is the introduction of unlockable features, such as removing the need for work permits or boosting up transfer budgets.

A release date of before Christmas” was all we were given.

Here’s the debut trailer:

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