Fresh rumours refute new Xbox ‘always-on’ claims; Xbox 360 mini touted once again

A new report now claims that the new Xbox WILL be able to play games when not connected to the internet.

Instead, the often-reliable VGleaks claims the ‘always-on’ rumour stems from a second Xbox console that will be launched at the same time as the Durango-based machine.

The site says that an Xbox Mini will be launched in tandem with Durango. Crucially, unlike its bigger cousin it WILL offer Xbox 360 backwards compatibility and NOT have a disc drive.

MCV first broke the news of a disc-less new Xbox in March 2012, although a report earlier this month appeared to debunk the claims.

This new Xbox Mini WILL require an always-on internet connection and WILL run Xbox 360 games that have been downloaded over Xbox Live. It will also be designed for use as a TV box and is being pitched to compete directly with Apple TV.

And here’s another surprise – it will link up to Durango to offer owners of that machine backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 software, albeit only digitally. When connected both devices will function on a single display and can be controlled with a single controller.

However, those without an Xbox Mini attached to their Durango will be frozen out of the Xbox 360 back catalogue.

Durango has been designed to be permanently connected to the internet but will apparently NOT stop users from playing Durango games when offline. If true, the news will come as a huge relief to the trade which has warned Microsoft against such a requirement.

Nor, VGleaks claim, will the new console block pre-owned software.

Those who insert an Xbox 360 disc into Durango will be prompted to connect an Xbox Mini.

Part of the strategy, it is claimed, is to give consumers the option to reduce the upfront price of the new console, but spend more should they choose on 360 compatibility.

Xbox Mini is said to retail at $149 or less while Durango will retail for something along the lines of PS4 – 300, 400, 500, 1,000,000, who knows…

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