GDC 08: Braben's studio reveals LostWinds, built with in-house tech

Frontier unveils first WiiWare title

David Braben’s Frontier Developments has thrown its weight behind Nintendo’s WiiWare service via the unveiling of a new IP title for the digital distribution platform called LostWinds.

Promising to make effective use of the Wii controller, LostWinds was created by a team in-house at Frontier via the studio’s internal forum dedicated to devising and sharing ideas for games.

The game is build using Frontier’s internal 3D engine and puts players in control of Enril the wind spirit.

Explained Braben: "LostWinds is an innovative game, and an exciting project for many reasons. Not least is the fact that it’s one of the large number of excellent concepts that have arisen through our long running internal forum discussions on game ideas. Frontier is packed full of talented game enthusiasts, and contributing creative ideas and feedback is actively encouraged."

He added: "WiiWare offers a perfect extra outlet for that creativity, and I hope that LostWinds is the first of many games that will follow this process."

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