Full 2008 Wii release schedule updated

Nintendo has updated its the full 2008 European software schedule for Wii.

The list includes Rock Band, Manhunt 2 and a new Wario adventure.

The full rundown reads:

Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Nintendo) 27th June 2008

Bejing 2008 (SEGA) 27th June 2008

Big Beach Sports (THQ) 27th June 2008

Wacky Races – Crash and Dash (Eidos) 27th June 2008

Guitar Hero Aerosmith Bundle Pack on Wii (Activision) 27th June 2008

Kung Fu Panda (Activision) 27th June 2008

Radio Helicopter (505 Games) 27th June 2008

Okami (Capcom) June 2008

We Love Golf! (Capcom) June 2008

Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour (Disney Interactive Studios) June-Sep 2008

Pool Party (SouthPeak Games) 4th July 2008

Wall E. (THQ) 4th July 2008

Cocoto Kart Racer (Neko Entertainment) 11th July 2008

Baroque (Rising Star Games) 18th July 2008

Margots Word Brain (ZOO) 18th July 2008

Yamaha Supercross (ZOO) 18th July 2008

CID The Dummy (Oxygen Games) 25th July 2008

Super Swing Golf (Rising Star Games) 25th July 2008

Table Football (505 Games) 31st July 2008

Pimp My Ride (Activision) July 2008

The Incredible Hulk (SEGA) July 2008

Jeep Thrills (ZOO) 8th August 2008

Legend of Sayuki (505 Games) 8th August 2008

BROTHERS IN ARMS : EARN IN BLOOD (Ubisoft) 14th August 2008

BROTHERS IN ARMS: ROAD TO HILL 30 (Ubisoft) 14th August 2008

Calvin Tuckers Redneck Jamboree (ZOO) 22nd August 2008

Clever Kids: Farmyard Fun (Ghostlight) 22nd August 2008
Clever Kids: Pirates (Ghostlight) 22nd August 2008

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 (EA) 26th August 2008

Runaway The Dream of the Turtle (Focus Home Interactive) 28th August 2008

Soul Calibur Legends (Namco Bandai/Ubisoft) 28th August 2008

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (Vivendi Games) 29th August 2008

Brave: A Warrior’s Tale (SouthPeak Games) August 2008

Carnival Games: Mini Golf (2K Play) August 2008

Manhunt 2 (Rockstar Games) August 2008

Space Chimps (Brash Entertainment) August-October 2008


Chess Crusade (ZOO) 5th September 2008

TNA impact (Midway Games) 5th September 2008

Pipe Manja (Empire Interactive/ Kochmedia) 14th September 2008

Bratz: Girls Really Rock ! (THQ) 19th September 2008

Order Up (ZOO) 19th September 2008

Sim City Creator (EA) 19th September 2008

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (LucasArts/Activision) 19th September 2008

Counter Force (505 Games) 26th September 2008

De Blob (THQ) 26th September 2008

Wario Land: The Shake Dimension (Nintendo) 26th September 2008

Family Trainer (Namco Bandai) September 2008 (EU)

Sambe De Amigo (SEGA) September 2008

Wild Earth: African Safari (Majesco/Codemaster) September 2008

All Star Cheer (THQ) Q3 2008

Rockband (EA) Q3 2008

Jeep Let’s Off Road (ZOO) Q3 2008

World of Goo (RTL Playtainment) Q3 2008

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 (THQ) Q3 2008

Skate It (EA) 2008

Top Spin Tennis (2K Sports) 2008

Sonic Unleashed (SEGA) Late 2008

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