Emergentâ??s LightSpeed engine integrates Move and Wii Remote development solution

Gamebryo adds PS3/Wii motion control tool

A key development tool for motion control design can now be integrated with Gamebryo LightSpeed, engine vendor Emergent has announced.

The news comes as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft all plan to outshine each other with their catalogues of motion control games, causing numerous developers to get involved in motion game design for the very first time.

In a key deal, Emergent is looking to make that motion design phase more compelling and straightforward. Studios that purchase a license for LightSpeed as well as motion control tool LiveMove 2 can integrate both for what is said to be a more refined and efficient development process.

LiveMove 2 is a cross-platform solution for motion control development, built by MotionPlus co-designers AiLive. Its technology allows users to track and recognise any feasible motion without the need for complex code.

Emergent’s deal with AiLive means that LiveMove 2’s straightforward motion control design process can be made even simpler with LightSpeed’s rapid prototyping and rapid iteration features.

"With LiveMove 2, developers can now prototype motion controls in minutes without coding" said AiLive VP of engineering Ron Musick.

"The LightSpeed integration adds a lightning-fast rapid iteration workflow on both PlayStation3 and Wii Motion controls can be immediately tested, modified and perfected without needing to restart the game. Developers get a fast prototyping solution right out of the box," he added.

Develop understands that both companies have agreed to an exclusive deal; with LightSpeed being the only game engine that has LiveMove 2 integration for Wii and PS3.

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