GamesGrabr seeks retailer partnerships

A new social network built around direct links to retail has launched this week.

GamesGrabr is a pinboard-style network where users share content such as videos, links and screenshots about games.

Every post or ‘grab’ includes a link to buy, play or download the title in question. Grabs about console games link to Amazon listings, while ones about iOS titles direct users to the iTunes App Store.

And GamesGrabr wants to get more stores on board.

We’re initially launching with affiliates with Apple and Amazon but we’re reaching out to smaller retailers where you can get some different and unique products,” co-founder and CEO Tony Pearce told MCV.

We’re already arranging partnerships with some now. There’s a fair few coming through.”

Pearce is even hoping that publishers will use the site to promote games by creating their own collections, but the current priority is retail partners and growing the userbase.

Our target is to have over 1m users by the end of the year,” he said.

My long-term goal is for GamesGrabr to become one of the biggest games retailers in the world.”

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