GameStop reveals its own 3DS XL trade-in deal

A second retailer is offering to sell gamers a brand new 3DS XL for just 80 if they hand over their old 3DS hardware.

GAME revealed its trade-in offer earlier this week, which offered the new super-sized handheld for just 79.99 when the original 3DS – complete with box and charger – is traded-in.

Now online-only retailer GameStop has improved on that price by a whopping two pence by offering an XL for 79.97 under the same conditions.

In addition, GameStop will sell you a 3DS for 119.97 when a DSi XL is traded, 127.97 for a DSi and 137.97 for a DS Lite.

The full price of the console must be paid up front. Customers will then receive their 3DS XL in a pre-paid brown box that they must use to return their old machine. The trade-in cost is then refunded to the customer.

The 3DS XL launches in the UK tomorrow (Friday July 27th).

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