'If all this makes sense they yes, why not join them or another partner, we're open to all options', says David Cage

GDC: Quantic Dream ‘open’ to being first-party Sony dev

Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream would be open to becoming a first-party studio for Sony, studio founder David Cage has said.

In an interview with IGN, he said that the French developer remains exclusive to Sony, but that it was “open to all options” in regards forming a closer partnership.

“We’re exclusive to Sony right now so we work only on PlayStation 3,” said Cage.

“We’re open to all options but we’re not a studio driven by money, it’s an important element of course, but its not like ‘ tell me how much money you’ll give me and I’ll do whatever you want’.”

He added that the studio was focused on making quality games, and that if partnering with Sony or another company helped achieve the developer’s vision, becoming a first-party outfit could be a distinct possibility.

“what matters to us is what is the project, what is the long term vision, do we share a common vision for the studio,” he stated.

“There is a team behind me that is incredibly talented and passionate about what they’re doing, what could be the vision for the studio.

“If all this makes sense they yes why not join Sony, or another partner, we’re open to all options.”

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