Gone Home is no longer coming to consoles

The consoles version of critically acclaimed PC hit Gone Home has been cancelled.

DualShockers reports that developer Fullbright’s Steve Gaynor has said that his studio’s agreement with publisher Midnight City has sadly come to an end”.

The console SKU was to be published on Majesco’s Midnight City label, and is one of the few indie titles that was pencilled in for a release on Wii U. The console port was announced last year.

Gaynor added that the game is not actively in development any longer”, although it seems that porting the title to other platforms could be something that is returned to in the future.

Instead, Fullbright is now focusing on the recently announced Tacoma.

When we started making Gone Home, we decided that we were going to launch first only on PC/Mac/Linux, for a lot of good reasons,” Gaynor said last year.

We wouldn’t need to worry about the technical limitations of last-gen hardware; we wouldn’t need to deal with console certification/submission/age rating/etc; and we could distribute the game directly, DRM-free as well as through Steam. But we always hoped we’d eventually be able to bring the game to consoles– we just didn’t know exactly how we should do it.

We’re a very small team and weren’t ready to devote months of development time to doing the ports ourselves, but we also knew that finding the right partner to get the job done right would be a real challenge. Would it be worth it to bring the game to consoles at all?”

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