Gosen: Gamers have given up on Wii Fit

Microsoft will be very cautious in introducing new peripherals into the market for Xbox 360 – and has learnt from Wii Fit, which most consumers don’t play more than once.

That’s according to Xbox VP David Gosen, calling on Microsoft ‘research ‘that showed 60 per cent” of people who bought a copy of Wii Fit had only played it once.

He told MCV sister site Develop:

"What Nintendo have done with the Wii is truly fantastic – there is no question about it. But I think sometimes there is a thin line between gimmick and great gameplay," he told us after his talk.

"We’ve seen some research that says 60 per cent of people who bought a Wii Fit play it once and don’t play it again. So we have to get the balance right, because what we are doing is bringing new consumers into the market for the first time in their lives sometimes – and we have to treat them with respect.

"And at the end of the day that comes back down to creativity. We have to ensure that the peripheral strategy that anyone employs makes sense and delivers a truly game changing experience.”

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