Gran Turismo 5 demo this month

As the long, long wait for Polyphony Digital’s PS3-only racer Gran Turismo 5 continues, Gran Turismo brand manager Penrose Tackie has confirmed that a brand new demo of the game will be made available on the European PlayStation Network on December 17th.

Called GT Academy 2010 Time Trial, the Top 20 qualifiers from each country will be invited to a national final, the winners of which will make it through to the actual GT Academy 2010.

The demo will include the Nissan 370Z and a custom circuit. The competition closes on January 24th.

Previous GT Academy winner Lucas Ordenez eventually went on to drive for the real life Nissan PlayStation team and finished second in the GT4 Championship.

Before gamers get too excited about an imminent release for Polyphony Digital’s full title, don’t forget that a GT5 demo was available alongside the launch of PS3 in 2007.

Check out the promo video below:

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