Grand Theft Auto V tops parental Christmas blacklist

Rockstar’s phenomenally successful Grand Theft Auto V has been named as the game parents would least like their kids to receive this Christmas.


But that momentary outburst of indignant fury aside, returning to the story in question a survey on suggested that parents were more concerned about GTA V because of its real world style”.

Other titles that were named, such as Killzone: Shadow Fall and Dead Rising 3, were less fearful for parents due to their more fantastical themes and settings.

It became apparent that our users were very scared of the level of realism found in a game like Grand Theft Auto V,” MD James Macfarlane stated.

While it is hard to see a child relating with a zombie first person shooter, as is the case in some of the other games in the poll, parents are clearly concerned that a game which rewards murder, arson, torture and theft in the way that GTA V does, might make the same actions in real life more acceptable.”

The site added, however, that parents are becoming increasingly comfortable with the use of age restriction controls on their gaming hardware and that 80 per cent of parents felt that gaming was a part of the balanced blend of their child’s education”.

Here are the results of the ‘games you would least like your child to get for Christmas’ poll:
Grand Theft Auto V – 31.98%
Killzone: Shadow Fall – 20.46%
Dead Rising 3 – 18.91%
Call of Duty: Ghosts – 16.97%
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – 11.74%

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