‘GTA IV won’t save Take Two’

Top industry analyst Nicholas Lovell has said that despite the huge success of GTA IV, it won’t save Take Two from EA’s advances, with the publisher needing a white knight” to step in to rescue it.

Lovell said the GTA IV launch has had no meaningful impact” on the firm’s value, as the market had already factored its success into the share price.

I don’t believe that the success of GTA has saved Take Two. EA says Take Two is worth $26 a share; the stock market says it is worth up to $27.95,” Lovell told MCV.

That’s not a very big difference, and it still seems likely that investors would seek the certainty of EA’s cash over the uncertainty of Take Two’s shares, especially now GTA has released. However, it seems as if a number of investors have not yet taken the bait, and the FT reports that few investors have snapped up the offer,” added Lovell.

I don’t think they’ve staved off the takeover, I believe that EA might need to sweeten its offer to $28 to convince the waverers, and I think that Take Two is either going to be bought by EA or will need to find a white knight to merge with or be bought by.”

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