Hackers claim Wii U success

Pirated games can now be played on the Wii U, a group of modders have claimed.

Eurogamer reports that Wiikey, the collective that first cracked the now widely pirated Wii, said in a statement on its site: "Yes, its real. We have now completely reversed the WiiU drive authentification, disk encryption, file system, and everything else needed for this next generation K3y. Stay tuned for updates.”

The crack is believed to be based on the altering of the console’s optical drive software – the same technique used to break the security measures found in Xbox 360 and PS3.

"Nintendo is aware that a hacking group claims to have compromised Wii U security," a platform holder spokesperson told Eurogamer. "However, we have no reports of illegal Wii U games nor unauthorized applications playable on the system while in Wii U mode.

"Nintendo continuously monitors all threats to its products’ security and will use technology and will take the necessary legal steps to prevent the facilitation of piracy."

There’s not yet been any proof posted, mind, but past ‘successes’ suggest that the claims could well be true. And if that’s the case you can expect Nintendo to engage in a battle of firmware updates to try and the supress the threat.

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