Halo heading to Blu-ray

The Master Chief remains an Xbox 360 loyalist for now, but PS3 owners will for the first time next month get the chance to bring Bungie’s universe to their consoles with the DVD and Blu-ray release of anime Halo Legends.

Three SKUs will be hitting the market – the standard DVD version ($19.98), a two-disc special edition ($29.98) and the HD Blu-ray iteration ($34.99).

The SE and Blu-ray versions include a ‘making of’ documentary, a special feature on the history of the franchise and audio commentary.

Halo Legends offers fans stunning, new creative visions of the popular video game’s expansive universe, providing added depth and perspective to these beloved characters and thrilling environments,” Halo franchise development director Frank O’Connor stated.

Halo Legends is a perfect complement to the game’s growing canon of ancillary entertainment options.”

Halo legends will be released in North America on February 16th.

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