Sony development boss says â??trend is reversingâ??

Harrison: 360-to-PS3 ports are dying out

Head of Sony’s worldwide studios Phil Harrison has said that the trend of titles being made for Xbox 360 and then ported over to PS3 is ‘reversing fairly quickly’.

Speaking to GameDaily, Harrison said that the power of the PS3 is starting to be ‘clearly demonstrated’ to developers, who are more commonly beginning to create titles for the Sony system from the ground up.

“We are clearly demonstrating the PS3 is capable of some amazing things and if you approach the architecture from the right direction, your games will shine on the platform,” he said.

“It’s very natural, however, to see what some of the third parties are doing. They started to work on Xbox 360 before they did on PS3; they got some tools and technology and know-how established on the format before PS3.

"That situation will reverse fairly quickly organically, but what we’re doing from a worldwide studios point of view is we’re actually shifting some of our core technologies from exclusively being available to our studios to supporting third parties as well – all third parties.”

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