Here’s your latest NX rumour – Nintendo is developing a separate handheld system

So widespread is the rumour that Nintendo’s NX will be a hybrid home-handheld device that plenty just presume it to be fact.

But fresh chatter online has suggested this is not the case.

Twitter stats guru ZhugeEX has linked to a Japanese investor report that makes an interesting claim. It reckons that alongside the NX, Nintendo is also separately developing a new handheld, currently going under the codename MH.

It refers to the former as Nintendo’s next-generation game machine” and the latter as its next-generation portable game machine”.

Could the MH be simply the NX’s controller? Is NX actually a brand new platform in the non-traditional sense and not a Wii U or 3DS successor, as previously suggested? Or is all this just a load of gumph?

Certainly, NX rumours are not hard to come by. We’ve heard that it won’t use an optical drive, that it will be cloud-based and upgradable, that EA could be a key partner, that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be an NX exclusive and that AMD is likely making the innards.

All we know for certain is that the NX won’t be at E3 next month, and that it won’t be released until 2017.

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