Hirai: Rivals cant compete with PS3s exclusives

Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai believes that PS3’s unrivalled” first-party product and Blu-Ray capabilities mean the console enjoys better exclusive content than either of its competitors’ machines.

Addressing the issue of Microsoft’s investment in ‘exclusive’ downloadable content for titles such as GTA IV – and speaking after the much-publicised deal that made Final Fantasy XIII a 360 game – Hirai explained:

On the exclusivity front – whether it’s downloadable or not – one of the unrivalled strengths we have, and we’ve proven this time and time again, is the power of our internal worldwide studios. Our first-party product is obviously platform exclusive and is the best out there.

"We’ve talked about a raft of great titles, whether that’s Little Big Planet, Resistance 2, SoCom, God Of War 3, Killzone 2, MaG, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift.

"Secondly, if we talk about Blu-Ray, there’s a lot of capacity there. Our discussion with a lot of the publishers is about how the PS3 version of a game has the capacity to exclusive things consumers will be interested in – interviews with the makers of the game, documentary on the franchise or ‘making of…’ footage.

"That’s as well as additional weapons, levels, tools and characters. Those things very much differentiate our offerings over and above other versions of the same game.”

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