Hit indie dev Vlambeer to make console debut with Luftausers

The studio behind the likes of Super Crate Box and recent iOS hit Ridiculous Fishing has announced a console project.

Vlambeer has announced a quirky dogfighting title going by the name of Luftrausers that is scheduled for release on PS3, Vita and PC this spring. An earlier version of the game has previously been available on browsers, but this new release is significantly enhanced.

Luftrausers will cost in the region of $9.99/6.59 and will be available on both the PlayStation Network and Steam.

Vlambeer has become a leading figure on iOS thanks to genuine classics such as the aforementioned Super Crate Box (an arena platform gunner) and Ridiculous Fishing (a sort of endless runner, although you fish instead of run, and then it goes into reverse and then you shoot fish and then you wear hats).

This will be the studio’s first console release. Here’s the debut trailer:

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