Introducing… the 3DS Hed Saver

Always quick to jump on any possible sales opportunity, the accessories sector has outdone itself once again by latching onto the 3DS dizziness debate.

Online accessories retailer GamingZap is currently taking pre-orders on what is called the ‘Hed Saver’. Effectively it’s a cooling patch that sits on a user’s forehead and is designed to help prolong the gaming sessions of those left with a fuzzy head after staring at Nintendo’s 3D screen.

The patches, which come in a double pack, work straight out of the box.

"Despite how great it is, the 3D display (as with all 3D displays) has been known to cause dizziness and headaches amongst some users," the site’s blurb reads.

"This can be extremely uncomfortable meaning that you have to actually take a break from playing on the new 3DS! GamingZap has now come to the rescue with the Hed Saver Cooling Patch, specifically designed to relieve you from the headaches and dizziness that can be caused by the 3DS.

"With a special blend of materials designed to get you feeling refreshed and focused again, the 3DS Hed Saver is just what you need to go with your Nintendo 3DS. It will bring you back to full health, ready to game again."

We know what you’re thinking. We’re thinking it too. A late April Fools, right? Must be. Definitely. But you can order the things right now on the website

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