This weekâ??s Jury Service turns to future Natal software

Is Natal just another Wii? Have your say

Huge interest currently surrounds the 360’s upcoming controllerless peripheral, Natal, with its “late 2010” launch date confirmed on the same week when new revelations were made on the tech behind the device itself.

However, blind-spots still remain in the big Natal picture. What kind of games will be made for the device? What type of game will sell well? Can Natal’s software catalogue stand out from the Wii’s?

In this week’s Jury Service we’re asking the development community to shed light on the issue, our question being:

What kind of gameplay experiences will belong to Natal?

Obviously there are many issues you can raise in your response. Is Microsoft bringing motion controls to a core audience? Will Natal host a Wii-like glut of shovelware? Are you interested in making games for Natal? Are you waiting to see attach rate figures before committing to the device yourself?

Feel free to send your response to, or submit your thoughts via the comments section below.

The deadline for your answers is Wednesday 6PM GMT / 10AM PST. All responses will be compiled as a full report later in the week.

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