Italian ad touts potential peripheral name and new-look 360 console hardware. But is it genuine?

Is Natal really called Kinect?

An Italian only ad has outed the new slim-line Xbox 360 and given away the final name of motion-sensor controller Natal.

That’s what bloggers are saying tonight – just hours before Microsoft is poised to begin a 24 hour no-expenses-spared hoopla to promote its new devices and kick-off E3.

A now-removed ad running at showed a picture of the purported redesigned Xbox 360 – pictured – and touts that the device, which comes with built in wi-fi and a 250GB hard drive.

Most importantly, it says the new look console is ‘compatible with Kinect’ (screenshot at bottom of article).

While it’s not yet clear if the ad is a fake or part of a campaign that has simply launched 24 hours too early, Microsoft does own the Kinect name – it registered the trademark over the name just last month.

And the ad itself, meanwhile, appears to have been taken down, lending credence to its authenticity.

More word as we get it.

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