Iwata: 3DS is for serious gamers

The DS may have been swamped by casual software over the years, but Nintendo president Saturo Iwata is confident the 3DS can retain its focus on the core audience.

Speaking to Japanese news service Nikkei, Iwata said that he plans to work more closely with both first and third-party developers in order to expand into elaborate games targeting serious gamers”.

He added that the current DS and its software only caters for non-gamers and that the 3DS will rectify this thanks to its advanced graphics and gameplay, according to GameSpot.

Nintendo has already announced a stunning line-up of third-party 3DS titles, encompassing several traditional video game franchises such as Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, FIFA and Ridge Racer.

Iwata said: These partnerships are good for both Nintendo and the software developers.”

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