Iwata doesn’t want to "cheat or deceive" players with "unwholesome" Animal Crossing 3DS premium DLC

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has said it would be unwholesome” to charge an additional fee for Animal Crossing 3DS DLC.

Whether you agree with that will likely depend on whether you are a gamer or a Nintendo shareholder.

The platform holder has recently strayed further than ever into the premium DLC market with additional digital content for New Super Mario Bros 2, but told investors recently that it does not intend to extend the model to its upcoming Animal Crossing title.

Kotaku reports that Iwata worries that the power of money could not only impact gameplay” and that having discussed the issue with the AC team has now completely ruled out premium downloads.

And that’s despite the fact that the inherent online connectivity of the title combined with the heavy focus on collecting makes, it could be argued, the game an ideal candidate for the treatment.

Iwata has previously told Kotaku that Nintendo didn’t want gamers to feel ‘cheated or deceived’ by DLC, adding that the paid experience should add to the experience and not detract from it”.

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