JAPAN: Nintendo dates new Wii titles

The Japanese arm of Nintendo has confirmed the release dates of four upcoming big hitters – Fatal Frame IV, Super Mario Stadium Family Baseball, Zero and the previously unannounced Wario Land Shake.

Tecmo’s Fatal Frame IV is the latest instalment in the unspeakably eerie survival horror series known as Project Zero in the West. Previously the titles have been released on PlayStation and Xbox platforms, but this latest outing is a Wii exclusive.

In a further change from the norm, assisting Tecmo in its development duties this time is cult development studio Grasshopper Manufacture, which is headed by Killer 7 and No More Heroes creator Suda 51.

Fatal frame IV will be released in Japan on July 31st.

Also confirmed by Nintendo of Japan is Wario Land Shake. Nothing is known about the game, though it can be deduced from its title that it most likely follows on from the handheld Wario Land platform series, and is not related to the successful Wario Ware series.

Wario land Shake will be released in Japan on July 24th. Neither title has so far been given a North American or European release date.

Also on Nintendo’s listing is a title called Zero, which is penned in for a Japanese release on July 31st, and Super Mario Stadium Family Baseball, which will be out on June 19th.

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