JAPAN: R4 card returns to shelves

Major Japanese retailers are once again stocking the notorious R4 card, despite the device being banned from sale last year.

In February 2009, Nintendo and more than 50 other companies successfully campaigned to have the R4 card declared illegal in Japan – the device that allows DS owners to play pirated and homebrew software.

In the months that followed, more and more retailers removed the device from their shelves but 1up reports that several companies are now stocking it once more, including a store in Osaka that has erected a large banner to promote the R4 Majicon.

Unfortunately, while the sale of R4 cards is still illegal, Japanese authorities are unable to enforce it as the initial bill did not state any criminal penalties that could be given.

Back in November, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata claimed piracy is an endless battle” – it appears Japanese retailers have just proven him right.

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