Journalist defends GTA: Raoul Moat story

The Daily Star journalist who penned yesterday’s story claiming that a Grand Theft Auto game based around the recent Rothbury shootings is in the works has stated that he’s surprised by the reaction to the piece.

Furthermore, speaking on his Facebook page Lawton chose to make a further dig at gamers.

Baffled by the fury of adult gamers,” he wrote, as reported by Destructoid. These are grown (?!?) men who sit around all day playing computer games with one another who’ve today chosen to enter the real world just long enough to complain about my story slamming a Raoul Moat version of Grand Theft Auto!

You would think I’d denied the Holocaust!!! Think I’ll challenge them to a virtual reality duel….stab….I win!!!”

Lawton’s comments are unlikely to win favour with an industry already irritated by his ignorance of the medium.

MCV is yet to receive an official comment from the Daily Star, who removed the story shortly after we contacted them. A copy of the piece can be found here.

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