Julian Gollop’s new game will be a cross between old and new XCOM

The upcoming PC strategy game Phoenix Point will merge the gameplay of the new XCOM titles, with those from the 1990s.

That’s the one piece of information that creator Julian Gollop shared with MCV whilst reminiscing about the origins of the series.

Gallop was part of the team that created the very first XCOM game – UFO: Enemy Unknown – and the third title in the series, the brilliant XCOM: Apocalypse.

The strategy series was fully resurrected in 2012 at developer Firaxis, although Gollop was not asked to be involved.

Gallop has since kickstarted and launched his own game, the well received Chaos Reborn, which was based on another popular franchise he created from the 1980s.

His next game, Phoenix Point, is fully inspired by XCOM and will also be heading to Kickstarter.

Our next project is returning much more directly to XCOM routes, in fact I would say it is an XCOM-style game in almost every sense of the word,” Gollop told us.

When asked if the game is more like the new games or his originals, Gollop said: Both in a way, the tactical side of the game probably has more similarities with the new Firaxis game, but the strategic side has more similarities with the very original XCOM.”

Despite not being involved in the XCOM reboot, Gollop is a big fan of the new titles.

I’ve played XCOM 2 a lot, although I’ve not actually managed to beat it yet. I’m on the final mission,” he said.

For more from Gollop, check out our history of XCOM.

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