Gesture and voice control 'to be integrated into all new content'

Kinect support ‘required’ for future Xbox 360 apps

Apps for the Xbox 360 and future consoles will require Kinect support, according to reports.

Microsoft has allegedly told Kotaku that any developers looking to upload content must ensure users can navigate them via voice or gestures through the Kinect sensor.

Microsoft is also said to be providing devs making apps with tools to help index search terms and create a standard for voice recognition and motion control.

This could also potentially be transferred to PC and mobile.

If true the move would mean Microsoft are hoping to make its successful motion sensor a central part of the Xbox experience, rather than just an add-on.

The Xbox 360 has sold more than 57 million units worldwide since its launch in October 2005, whilst there has been more than ten million sales of the Kinect sensor since its release last year.

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