Landau: 3D glasses are an opportunity

With both the consumer technology and games industries preparing to pour their hearts and souls into the 3D TV push later this year, a leading Hollywood producer has once again argued that tech’s reliance on glasses will not halt the 3D steam train.

When it comes to the glasses, I see glasses as an opportunity, not a deterrent,” Jon Landau (whose film credits include Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Solaris, Titanic and Avatar) told attendees at the inaugural 3D Gaming Summit in LA, according to Industry Gamers.

How do we not make the glasses the white elephant in the room? People wear glasses every day. People wear sunglasses to the beach. They’re part of our life. How do we stylize them or plug them into a USB port and get additional codes for a game?

Sure, we’re going to have 3D without glasses in the future, but if we make it consistent that people know they can view 3D in their homes and other people’s homes, people will upgrade to 3D.”

Landau went on to add that early signs are that there is a significant hunger amongst consumers for the tech, though he warned that firms must agree upon a unified standard if they wish to prosper.

People are going to want 3D in their homes. The initial 3D TVs sold out at Best Buy. Why? Because it’s a great quality experience. We need to introduce content at a certain quality level.

We need to eliminate confusion in the electronics sector. We need to be clear with the consumer with what they’re getting. We don’t need 27 different ways of watching something in 3D. We should have multiple companies, because that’s good for the industry, but we need to make sure we do this right.”

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